Behind bars: The firms offering hope to Mexican prisoners

After spending almost a year in one of Mexico’s most feared maximum security prisons, Jorge Cueto-Felgueroso knows a thing or two about dealing with adversity.

In 2012 he was charged with fraud, and thrust into the midst of 13,000 inmates at Puente Grande Prison, in central Mexico.

Mr Cueto-Felgueroso, a lifelong entrepreneur, was faced with a stark choice – sink into depression or worse, or find the best way to survive. He chose the latter.

“Even in the most adverse circumstances you can find the formula for success,” he says.

Struck by how many of the inmates had tattoos, and the fact that much of the ink work had been done while behind bars, using the rudimentary tools available, Mr Cueto-Felgueroso came up with the idea of using the same methods to transfer designs onto leather. …..

Source: BBC By Elizabeth Palacios Business reporter, Mexico City