The double success of Prison Art, luxury bags made by Mexican prisoners

The “easy life” seduced David Guzmán. At a very young age, he began to use drugs, steal, and lose himself in a “nefarious” world. But after five years behind bars, this Mexican seems at peace and concentrates tattooing a piece of leather that will soon be a luxury bag. Guzmán redirected his path thanks to art. Since he learned of his long sentence for murder, he only consoled himself by painting. For this reason, when he found out that in some prisons in Mexico there were prisoners who received a salary for drawing drawings into fashion accessories for a rehabilitation program called “Prison Art”, he fought until he was taken to his prison in Tulancingo, Hidalgo, downtown. from the country. “My folly was through necessity,” this small 34-year-old man explains to AFP while, sitting with a dozen men and women in the prison’s modest library, he puts the finishing touches on the skull that he tattoos with his rudimentary “spell machine”. Although they normally work the leather pieces on their bunk beds, inside bedrooms of up to 100 people or sitting in plastic boats in common spaces, today the prisoners comfortably tattoo birds, butterflies, tigers but especially skulls, skeletons of everything in this room….

Source: AFP