Prison Art, would you give an ex-con a second chance?

Jorge Cueto, founder of Prison Art, and Anahuac graduate, shares his story and calls on society to provide a new opportunity for reintegration to those who were once in prison.

“Freedom is the most precious thing we have, we do not realize it many times because we are very used to it, but it is something that we must assess and protect.”
Jorge Cueto, founder of Prison Art

For men like Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first black president, prison is like a university. He spent a total of 27 years in jail on charges of high treason for an alleged coup attempt –although he was finally declared innocent–, during which time he became a resounding man and defender of human rights. But is a cell really the ideal place to meet ourselves? Is it necessary to lose our freedom in order to value it?

Source: Anahuac Lic. José Antonio de Landa Dorantes