Prison Art, ‘tattooed’ fashion from the prisons of Mexico

Learn about the project that employs prisoners from different prisons in Mexico through art.

Mexico City.- Jorge Cueto, founder of Prison Art Project, spent a year of his life in a preventive prison of 11,000 people within the Puente Grande prison development, Jalisco, before being declared innocent.

During that time, the businessman was able to see how people live in prisons, but he also noticed something that caught his attention: Several of the prisoners who left had all the motivation to get ahead, however, a criminal record letter they were prevented and they were hardly hired by legal means.

This situation worried Cueto and it was then that in 2012 he created Prison Art, an organization dedicated to training and rehabilitating prisoners with art and design skills and then employing them and reintegrating them into society.

Prison Art is focused on creating fashion and luxury pieces such as bags, backpacks and leather jackets, through the art of tattooing, which is a very common practice within prisons.

Source: Exelsior Shantal Romero