In social reinsertion

Companies employ ex inmates for give them a second chance.

The stigma of having graduated from a penitentiary is, commonly, a factor against getting a job; however, various companies have social reintegration programs.
An example of this is Prision Art, a brand of hand-painted leather, whose main objective is to help people who are released from prison, Jorge Cueto, its founder, shares in an interview.
It is a project in which, through three steps, we seek to reinsert them into society, he says.
The first is to train them while they are in jail; the second is a support and rehabilitation program. Finally, when they are free, we give them a job offer so they don’t reoffend.
This initiative, he talks, came about eight years ago as a result of his own experience inside a prison.
I was also confined for more than a year, I entered the Puente Grande, Jalisco preventive; there you can see how corruption, violence and torture is the “daily bread,” he says.
The worst thing is that, when they graduate, they come out stigmatized; nobody wants to work with you, nobody wants to give you a job … it is a very big problem.