Mexico is urged for more high-impact entrepreneurs

This entrepreneur explains how to achieve it.

High-impact entrepreneurs are characterized by adding value to a need based on a scalable business model. This impact can be social, environmental or in processes and its main characteristic is that they use innovation to achieve their purpose.
Among Mexican companies with social impact, Prison Art stands out. A project that emerged seven years ago in the Puente Grande Jalisco prison by the hand of Jorge Cueto. This entrepreneur lived in prison for 11 months, while a case of fraud against the company for which he had stopped working three years ago was clarified.
In an interview for our podcast The Talk for Entrepreneurship, Jorge Cueto shared that, although life in prison is very difficult, the search for social reintegration is more difficult when leaving. “People who get their freedom, not only face social stigma, but also a lack of job opportunities.”
Source: WORTEV