The chiseller begins his work by drawing the previously elaborated design on the leather, to then moisten it and rest it on the surface of a thick marble arranged on his work table. This material prevents it from yielding to the pressure caused by blows, and thus allows the deformation of the leather.

The craftsman hits the piece with the chisel, which he holds with one hand, and the hammer with the other. The blows are continuous and between one and the other the tool moves, which with its straight, curved, wide or narrow ends, follows the trace of the drawing, which gives rise to small grooves or incisions on the leather.

In this way, he marks the main lines and the contours that he then fills in or shades with chisels that have a grid line on their tips that is transferred to the plate by striking.

All the raw material of this leather line and the most valuable thing about each of the balls is the chiselling work done by the craftsman, which can be inspired by floral or geometric elements, designed by our artists who are influenced by almost any element. of daily life; inspiration sometimes comes from figures found in paintings, antique tablecloth patterns, flowers, and animals.

Each collection takes the color, shape and style based on the ranges proposed by the international trend, however, they do not leave out the classics such as black, brown and white.