Using the same procedure that is used to tattoo the human body, we have managed to develop a unique technique in the world for tattooing leather. With these pieces of intervened leather, the pieces of our tattooed collection are created.

We have developed a fully fabricated tattoo machine with products that our artists can find inside prisons, such as a sewing needle, a pen, a spoon, a hair dryer motor, and a piece of wire.

Using these artisan tattoo machines, the leather is completely hand-worked by our artists, one piece at a time. They begin by tracing a drawing on a paper which, when finished, is passed to the skin through a decal system, the tattooing process begins with the outlining of silhouettes and images that is followed by the filling of colors and shading. Once the tattoo is finished, the skin is subjected to different protection processes such as resin coating and lacquering, which follow the permanence of the colors.